The Game

This is intended to be a game about building and managing your very own ship. Each ship module is a separate object with it’s own health, energy, resistances and functions. Your ship design matters.
Since all ships are physics driven, positions of engines, armor and any other module greatly affects maneuverability of your ship.

Cannons blocked by other ship parts will not shoot.

Performance of most types of guns, shields and other modules depends on energy you give to them and this can decide the end of battle.

Multiplayer is already working for windows and linux builds.

Currently there is no textures, plenty of bugs, non-implemented functions, music, sound and particle effects are only placeholders.

Web build is the most bugged one and will always be, since unity web player is deprecated and unity WebGL support was in preview not so long ago. I will not update it often, because it will never be able to be a server side application due to technical reasons and it requires some additional effort put into it even to make it look the same as desktop one.