Block design

I was going to make blocks of different sizes in order to encourage players to choose larger ones for ship building, insofar as it is assumed that the health of the block directly depends on its size it would be advisable to use them for protection, while small blocks could help fill the remaining space.

In addition, I wanted to be able to build not only functional but also beautiful ships, and in my opinion this can not be achieved using only cubes, so at the moment there are corner and even bended blocks in the game.

Unfortunately, for technical reasons, it is impossible to add blocks of a much more complex shape without significant loss in performance, so the number of shapes of blocks is substantially limited.

In the future I plan to revise the approach to creating blocks and also add to the game some functional blocks, such as pistons and rotors, though at the moment it’s difficult for me to say exactly how they can be controlled, as I would like to avoid having to control them one by one.